Sex Pills hope, this dream which will yet weld them together into a new people. For Sex Pills the comfortable dreamer there is Italy and the Pg xx Past, but for many millions Sex Pills of the common people of Europe and of Italy herself Sex Pills and the common people too have their dream America, the land of the Future, is the Kingdom of Romance. Nor to these only.but, Sex Pills as I think, to every traveller not unresponsive to the genius of the land. For it is the genius of youth youth with its awkward power, its incompleteness, its promise. And the home of this genius must be the land not only of progress and material achievement, but also of those visions which haunt the heart of youth. America is more than the golden appled earthly paradise of the poor, it is a land of spiritual promise. And more perhaps than that of any nation the American flag is to day the symbol of a Cause, and of a Sex Pills Cause which claims all hearts because ultimately it is that of all Peoples. And America has another claim to be regarded as truly romantic. Sex Pills Hers is the charm of novelty. It is not the glamour of the

old but of the new, and the perennially new. Some four centuries have passed since Sex Pills the days of Columbus, centuries which have dimmed the lustre of many another adventurous voyage into dull antiquity, but America is still the New World, and the exhilarating air of which otc male enhancement pills work discovery still Sex Pills breathes as fresh in the West as on the first morning. fred meyer male enhancement With.that discovery there dawned a new historic day whose sun is not yet set. We Sex Pills instinctively put back the beginning of our own era to the time of Elizabeth, that Virgin Queen in whose Sex Pills colony of Virginia the American people was first using penis extenders born, to grow up into maturity under its statesmen. Pg xxi And if we see but vaguely Sex Pills in the greyest hours of our dawn the figure of the how to produce a bigger load Discoverer, while beyond him all seem strange as the men of yesterday if we Sex Pills behold our own sun rising on the broad Elizabethan hours how fitting it is that the New World should be peopled by those who still retain most of the temper of that generous morning The American of to day vitamin coffee for male enhancement with his thirst for knowledge, his versatility, his quick sense of

Sex Pills

the practicable, his delight in the doing of things, his directness and frankness of purpose, his comradeship and hospitality, his lack of self consciousness with all the na ve inconsistencies, the amiable braggings, the mouthings of phrases, and the love of praise which belong to such unconsciousness of Sex Pills self Sex Pills with his glowing optimism, his belief in h.uman nature, his faith and devotion to his ideals the American Sex Pills of to day is Sex Pills in all these things the Elizabethan of our story. America is the supreme creation of Elizabethan genius its New World, to which even that world which we call Shakespeare must give place. 1 The Romance of America is not only new, it is like a Sex Pills tale that is being told for the first time into our own ears. And like some consummate story whose chapters, appearing month by month, hold us continually in expectant suspense, its plot is Sex Pills still evolving and its characters revealing themselves, so that as yet we can only guess at its d nouement. I call it a Romance, for it is indeed a tale of wonder but unlike the old romances it

s Pg xxii bold realism is not always beautiful. top otc male enhancement products The style Sex Pills of its telling is often loud, its words Sex Pills blunt, its rhythm Sex Pills strange and full of changes. But it has a large Elizabethan movement which cannot be denied. Denounce and deprecate as we biosource hcg complex will, all that is young in us responds to Sex Pills it. The story carries us along, best dick growth at times by violence and in our own despite, but so a.story should. It may be the end will justify and explain passages that to day are but obscure no story is complete until the end, and America has not yet been told. It is still morning there and the heart of it is still the heart of selling male enhancement pills youth. The unprejudiced and candid visitor will be provoked to criticism by much that he sees in the United States but even his criticism will be prompted by Sex Pills the possibilities male sexual stimulant pills of the country. It is Sex Pills this sense of its possibilities which captures the imagination, and fills the mind with the desire to do to correct, it may be but in any case to do. The incentive to action is felt by everyone, American o


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